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December 29, 2012 8:33 pm

What can i expect in my first session with a personal trainer

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What will a first session with a Las Vegas personal trainer be like?

Usually during the very first gym session, the trainer should go ahead and examine your lifestyle. The trainer will want to know what your average diet is like. They might ask if you eat breakfast, how many times you drink a week, whether you are a smoker or not, how many times do you eat fast food, what work schedule you have, and how many hours of sleep you get. They might also ask what type of food you consume on a breakdown of how many fruits and veggies per week, how many carbs, protein (types of protein) and dairy (even sweets!) After these questions, the trainer will have a very good idea of your lifestyle and can begin to plan an exercise plan that will be effective, but also easy to maintain. One big factor of making an exercise plan effective, is that it should be doable and not unrealistic because that will ensure that you stick with the plan.

What obstacles can I face and how will a trainer help me overcome those?

One of the biggest problems of a fitness program is that willpower quickly begins to play devils advocate. You might be very excited during the first couple of week but may become bored later on. A personal trainer should be able to encourage you in order to keep the excitement and progress going. They should build your self-confidence, track your increases in positive results (some personal trainers may even go so far as tracking your weight but most importantly your body mass index).

As you continue to exercise it is important that you should not judge your progress by your weight. You must keep in mind that muscle weighs more than fat and therefore if you notice that those old jeans you used to wear suddenly fit, but that you somehow weigh more, don’t be alarmed or discouraged ( these are all good signs). A personal trainer Las Vegas will be able to tell you that yes, you might weigh more now than when you first started with your fitness program, but that you are also healthier because you have less fat in your body and are also increases the overall performance of your body at a resting state.

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