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August 1, 2009 11:15 pm

Athletic Performance Testing By David Sandler of “Sport Science”

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by Mel Fabros

Scientific Athlete Performance Testing is designed to test the limits of athletes’ performances and capabilities and is offered at Bodysport.  We utilize the services of David Sandler and Strength Pro.   David is the genius behind Fox Sport’s “Sport Science” and the Discovery Channel’s “Fight Science“.  With his advanced testing equipment and procedures, he will not only measure your strengths and weaknesses, he can help prescribe the correct training protocols to correct them!  You can have David or the trainers here at Bodysport use this information to optimally train you.  Or you can take the results to your trainer and have him/her use them to formulate a better training program for you.

Correct exercise prescription is key to an athlete performing to his maximum capability and in preventing injury.  For example, is an athlete so quadricep strength dominant that the difference in strength compared to his hamstring presents the danger of ACL and MCL knee problems?  Or will the same condition make that athlete susceptible to hamstring strains or even tearing?

Another example would be vertical leap.  Many athletes have great vertical leap height, but are they exploding fast enough to get to that height as soon as possible?  Is the athlete deficient in the eccentric or concentric portion of the lift?  In sports, where the difference of being on or out of the play can be .01 second, the athlete and his trainer needs to know and David can tell you.

Are you looking to test yourself, a product, or a team? Are you interested in developing specific tests and collect vital information on your clients? Or do you just want someone to help you look over facts, crunch numbers, and help with data interpretation? Strength Pro’s team of experts have consulted for groups like National Geographic, Discovery, Fox Sports, and several MLB, NBA, NFL and NHL franchises. As well, Strength Pro serves on many scientific advisory boards providing research and testing information to many other organizations.

Here is a brief list of our advanced testing capabilities. While some of these tests may seem intimidating, all you need to know is that when David tests you, he will find your strengths and weaknesses, tell you WHY you are weak in those areas, and more importantly, prescribe the exact exercise routine based on scientific data, not objective observations with the naked eye, TO CORRECT those weaknesses.  Is it worth it?  When college scholarships worth tens even hundreds of thousands of dollars and million dollar professional athlete and endorsement contracts can come down to tenths of a second on the playing field, you bet it is!!!


Assess ability to cover distances

Examine stride and body mechanics

Provide video explanation of faults and corrective measures


Assess actual power output of vertical and horizontal jumping

Analyze Rate of Force Development (RFD)

Analyze Eccentric Load Time, Amortization, and Concentric Force

Determine acceleration times

Analyze starting impulse

Analyze/comment on inertial influences

Analyze body alignment/position, and first step quickness


Analyze time to react

Analyze movement sequence (power, acceleration) after reaction

Determine power on reaction from various positions


Examine force development

Examine force maintenance

Examine potential muscle recruitment patterns


Determine lactate thresholds

Determine HR, VO2 and overall aerobic fitness

Determine time to fatigue and anaerobic power maintenance

Group Nutritional Programming

Develop comprehensive diet prescriptions for your team or group

Provide regular diet check-back, re-evaluation and reprogramming diet

We are the Official Strength and Conditioning Center of the Las Vegas Knights Semi Pro Soccer Team

- courtesy of www.bodysportvegas.com

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