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February 24, 2010 10:52 pm

10 Important rules to High Intensity Exercise!

Posted in: Exercise

by Markus Reinhardt

1. Perform each repetition slowly and smooth. Try not to bounce the weight or use momentum. Momentum is an outside force that will limit the amount of friction of the muscle and increase injury risk. No ballistic and explosive style movements! (Now stop bouncing around on those retarted blow up balls!..lol)

2. Perform 6-10 repetitions per set for upper body movements and 10-20 reps for lower body ones. Take your time during each rep. Lift the weight at approx. 4 seconds and lower it at the same speed. Hold each rep on isolation movments such as , leg extensions, side lateral raises, pec deck, leg curls, and biceps and triceps extensions for 2 seconds in the fully contracted position before lowering it.

3. Perform each set in a controlled fashion to positive muscular failure, i.e. were you no longer can lift the weight concentric. Relax your neck and face while doing so.(looking like me in most of my shots doesn’t help…it rather takes away focus from the muscles being trained and places stress on your neck – plus you look like an idiot so RELAX…lol)

4. Train no less then 2 times a week and no more then 3 times. Muscles don’t shape and up and grow during training but during rest time.

5. Train your larger muscles such as back and legs first and place your smaller muscles such as arms and abs during the end of your workout.

6. Train with single joint and multiple joint movements. Use single joint movements to pre-exhaust in advanced level routines later.

7. Take as little rest as possible in between sets and muscle groups to increase the cardio vascular aspect of high intensity exercise.

8. Remember, the stronger and more advanced you get the LESS frequent you should and have to train. The ability to recover from workouts does NOT increase with the size of your muscle, in fact its the excact opposite!

9. Never train on consecutive days. Your body needs to rest for local recovery (the muscle you trained) as well as systemically (your overall body/system as a unit). Take 1 or sometimes 2 days off in between workouts.

10. Take a complete 10 days off every 6 month of training. Also train to absolute failure only on a 3 week basis then take 1 week and stop 2-3 reps shy of failure on each set (you might perform an extra set per exercise). This will ensure you don’t run into overtraining and recharge your CNS (Central Nervous System).

- courtesy of www.mrhighintensity.com

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