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June 1, 2009 2:41 am

like late night snacking? here's the best options..

Posted in: Diet

This one goes out to Sabiy!  She wants to avoid eating unhealthy snacks at night (like cheezits!) so this is for her..


I love snacking at night, who doesn’t!  Here’s what I eat to try to keep lean and healthy:

1)  brown rice cakes unsalted or celery with almond butter spread

2) frozen fruit (frozen makes you take longer to eat and satisfies your hunger sooner)

3) low carb yogurt with granola topping

4) chicken chunks in lettuce wraps with hot sauce

5) wasabi mayo tuna w little brown rice

6) brown rice and tuna sauteed with lemon and jalapeno (thanks Liz!)


to keep your appetite down, be sure to drink water often and even eat soup once in a while (low sodium lot fat kind, any flavor)

if you like chocolate, have a reduced sugar fudgecicle.  i like sugar-free popcicles too.

i’ll update this some more later.. hope it helps!

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