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September 10, 2010 12:33 pm

Cyclical Ketogenic Diet: True Fat Loss

Posted in: Diet

so here’s my diet plan on my way to the Olympia and Fitness America.

5 days no carb/1 day carb load. repeat
On the days I don’t eat carbs, here’s what I eat:
180gms protein/120gms fat/minimal carbs

6 meals a day = 30gms protein/60gms fat per meal

fat comes from sources like fish, fatty acid supplements, flax seed, olive oil, almonds, almond butter, hummus, and some saturated fats in meats

protein comes from sources like fish, chicken, turkey, ground turkey, turkey/chicken slices, eggs, cottage cheese and whey protein powder
On the days I carb load, here’s what I eat:
180gms protein/900gms carbs/60gms fat  (correction: carbs seem way too high.. I reduced to 500gms instead)

6 meals a day = 30gms protein/150gms carbs/10gms fat
(since 150gms carbs is a lot per meal, I usually eat 30gms carbs as a snack after the meal, thus reducing the meals carbs to 120gms)

carbs comes from 2 cups dry oatmeal (130gms), 2 cups spinach (6gms), 1 banana (25gms), 1 apple (25gms), 1 orange (20gms), 1 head of broccoli (5gms), 2 cups dry brown rice (200gms), 1 sweet potato (27gms)

protein comes from 1 whey shake (30gms), 2 beef patties (35gms), chicken breast, tilapia, turkey meat

fat comes from 2 beef patties (20gms thx to GF grill), almonds, MCT oil, fatty acids, flaxseed, olive oil

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